About Us

Corporate information

The materials produced by RPI Publishing, Inc. are offered not as an end in themselves, but as a means to developing healthy relationships with God, one's self and others. The books are meant to be a framework upon which people's life experiences can be reviewed with love and courage. They are powerful tools for experiencing life-changing events that lead to a closer relationship with God. Each title is written by and for people who have experienced trauma in their life, and is based on the authors' personal experiences. Their first-hand knowledge of neglect, abuse and alienation provides a powerful background for their insights. Their self-disclosure provides an honest and inspiring story that can only come from those who have been there--and come back. The company's unique "grassroots" approach to publishing is based on the belief that individuals are more comfortable when sharing experiences, thoughts and feelings with those from similar backgrounds. The miracles of God's Grace are very real to those on the journey of transformation with other broken individuals.

Company history

Ron Halvorson and Valerie Deilgat met in 1985 while attending an adult children of alcoholics (ACoA) meeting. During this time, Ron and Val also participated in a recovery meeting that was based on the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. They realized that there were no books available that related the principles of the Steps to issues faced by those from an addictive or dysfunctional family. Members of their group began recording their thoughts and feelings based on their experiences of working the Twelve Steps in the meetings. This evolved into two books based on these personal experiences and became a way for them to share their strength and hope with others in recovery. As "Friends in Recovery," this group anonymously authored The 12 Steps for Adult Children and The 12 Steps - A Way Out with over 600,000 copies of the books in print. These were the first books to focus specifically on the Twelve Steps as they apply to adult children from dysfunctional families. In 1987 Ron and Val founded Recovery Publications, Inc. in order to publish this material. After producing these titles, they identified the need for similar materials within the Christian community. The Twelve Steps for Christians and The Twelve Steps - A Spiritual Journey were published in 1988 with over 500,000 now in print. These books emphasize the important relationship between the Twelve Steps and the practice of Christianity, by naming Jesus Christ as Lord and Higher Power. A revision of the books took place in 1993 with two additional books written as companions: Meditations for The Twelve Steps - A Spiritual Journey and Prayers for The Twelve Steps - A Spiritual Journey. Several of these titles are now published in Brazil, China, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Japan, Korea, Poland, Russia, and Sweden.