The Life Recovery Bible

The Life Recovery Bible
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By David A. Stoop and Stephen Arterburn

The Life Recovery Bible directs the reader to the resources for recovery found in the Scriptures. First published using the Living Bible translation by Tyndale House in 1992, it was reprinted using the New Living Translation in late 1998.

The Life Recovery Bible includes several helpful features for people in recovery, through Alcoholics Anonymous or other recovery groups patterned after AA. User-friendly, with three devotional reading plans (Twelve-Step Plan, Recovery Principle Plan, and Serenity Prayer Plan) interspersed throughout the Bible text, its devotional readings are tied to those specific passages of Scripture related to recovery.

Recovery profiles of Bible characters highlight the ways in which individuals have overcome significant life challenges. Other features include introductory materials for specific books of the Bible, recovery commentary notes, and an index.

As a source of encouragement to individuals in recovery, the Life Recovery Bible serves as a constant reminder of God's presence, consequences, and the promise of forgiveness.